9/7/17     Bhakti Fest 2017 Joshua Tree CA with Rasa Priya, Sarah Sparkles, Andrea Walls, Mary Isis, Prem Vidu & more




5/7/17       Maui Earth DayWith Rasa Priya & friends.

5/12/17     Shakti Fest, Joshua Tree CA, Celebration of the Divine Feminine. With Mirabai Devi, Larisa Stow, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda & more.

4/6/17- 4/9/17     Singing Alive Kauai: Celebration of Sacred Song.Song circle facilitator. Anahola, Kauai

4/7/17      Heart Opening Concert With Mary Isis & Jivan. Princeville Kauai Community Center

4/15/17   Sacred Music House Concert with Mary Isis, Huelo Maui HI

3/21/17   House concert with Andrea Walls, Rasa Priya & Sarah Sparkle. Maui HI

3/24/17    Sang for Amma Sri Karunamayi Darshan. Pasadena CA. Center for Spiritual Living

3/31/17 House Concert with special guest Cajon player Hector. Westlake Village CA

2/12/17 - Mystic Flow Festival, Maui

2/27/17-Sacred Sound Healing journey with Peter Kater. Wailea HI

2/28/17 - Sacred Sound Healing Journey with Peter Kater. Wailea HI

2/10/17   Mirabai Devi Darshan, Maui HiTemple of Peace  

2/6/17     Heart Song Kirtan With Andrea Walls Lumeria Maui

2/3/17      Cacao & Kirtan with Jens Jarvie & full band temple of peace

1/26/17   Kirtan retreat with Jens Jarvie & full band

1/27/17   Kirtan with Jens Jarvie at yoga Shala with full band.

1/31/17   Sacred Sound Healing with Peter Kater Wailea HI

1/16/17    Lumeria Maui
Visionary music from the heart concert
With Mary Isis & Prema Love.

1/20 & 21/17   Mana Fest: Big Island Hawaii with:
Ma Muse, Mary Isis, Prema Love & more!
Celebrating unity in honor of the sacred feminine

10/12/16   Sound Healing & Heart Kirtan:
With Prema Love & Carlos Garcia
Hawaii Yoga Festival; Big Island Hawaii

10/14/16   Sacred Sounds Of The Divine Feminine:
With Prema Love, Chrisna Karast, Carlos Garcia
Analeah Lovere & Forefeather,  Big Island House Concert
15-2075 24th Ave. Hawaiian Paradise Park

10/15/16    Ecstatic Heart Song Kirtan & Sound Healing :
With special guests Carlos Garcia, Adele Wynne, Analeah Lovere & Forefeather, At Hawaiian Sanctuary, Big Island HI


9/30/16     Heart Song Kirtan, Sacred Sound Healing, Meditation
With Prema Love, Sky Love & Karin Koepcke Lumeria Maui, HI

9/9/16        Ecstatic Heart Song Kirtan with Prema Love and Special Guests at The TEMPLE OF PEACE, Maui HI

8/11/16     Heart Opening Kirtan with Prema Love, at Lumeria Maui

6/3/16       Divine Love House concert with Dragana & Christopher: Westlake Village,CA

6/5/16       River Dance Festival with MahaShakti, Livingston, CA

6/10/16   Stanford Inn Eco Resort Concert, Mendocino, CA

6/11/16   The Temple At Hummingbird Hill Concert: Sebastopol, CA

6/16/16   Temple Of Intention Concert, Mt Shasta CA

6/17/16   Divine Love Healing House Concert, Ashland, OR

5/27/16    House Concert with Dragana Gobic and Christopher Parnell & Drummer Hector. Ojai, CA,

4/17/16   Maui Earth Day Festival

4/30/16   Maui Yoga Festival    

2/19/16    Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, CA
2/26/16    Yoga Works, Workshop with Surriena Yoga / Sound Healing for Heart Opening. Westlake Village, CA
2/27/16    Sound Healing Concert, Yoga Den, Corona, CA
2/28/16    Elka Yoga, BlisSunday, San Diego, CA

2/17/16      Guest Performer at Agape International, Los Angeles CA
2/13/16       Soul Body Yoga,  Pre Valentines Partner Yoga & Crystal Singing Bowls for Heart Opening, Moorpark, CA.
2/10/16       Private House Concert, Haiku HI with Andrea Walls and Carlos Garcia
2/1/16         Private House Concert, Kula HI
1/23/16       Yoga Beach Retreat, Maui HI
1/14/16       Sound Healing & Heart Song Concert: Pukalani HI
1/4/16         House Concert, Pukalani, HI With special Guests Carlos Garcia, Andrea Walls, Dana Dharma Devi, Ashanna Solaris
12/20/15    Guest musician at Temple of Peace, Sunday heart song celebration with guest speaker Mirabai Devi, Maui, HI
12/19/15    Concert Temple Of Peace with Carlos Garcia, Maui HI
12/18/15    Music at Mirabai Devi Public Darshan Temple Of Peace. Maui
12/4/15      Sacred Roots, Long Beach, CA
11/13/15   Healing In America, Ojai, CA
11/10/15   Yoga Works, Westlake, CA
11/7/13      Love Organic Spa & Yoga, Simi Valley, CA
11/5/15      Yoga Works Westlake Village, CA
10/16/15    Stanford Inn Eco Resort, Mendocino CA
8/15/15      Sedona Yoga Shala, Sedona AZ
8/7/15        Center For Spiritual Living, Santa Fe, New Mexico
8/2/15        Center For Spiritual Living, Austin TX
7/24/15     House Concert, Woodlands TX
7/31/15      Yoga Illumined, Austin, Texas
7/10/15      Temple Of Peace, Maui HI Concert with Drummer Carlos Garcia
7/5/15        Temple Of Peace, Maui HI. Guest Musician Sunday Celebration       www.
6/26/15      Golden Lotus, Kauai with Guest Drummer Aki.
4/15/15      Sound Medicine: Sound Healing Night with Prema Love, Shervin Boloorian & more. Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali
4/11/15      Devotional Heart Songs; Healing Concert at Paradiso, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
3/31/15     Bali Spirit Festival, March 31st - April 5th 2015, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
3/30/15     Spirit Night: Sound Healing @ Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali: Shervin Boloorian, John Dumas, Kailash Kokopelli, Mikael King & more!
3/27/15     Bhakti Brunch & 1 year anniversary party! Soma Cafe, Ubud, Bali
3/15/15     BreathLightSound Healing Journey @ Taksu, Ubud, Bali With Mikael King, Prema Love, John Dumas, Kailash Kokopelli & more!
2/13/15     Self Love Valentines Concert & kundalini Yoga Event, Tomball Texas, Wild Spirit Yoga.
9/11/14     Bliss Camp Mendocino, Navarro, CA.
9/4/14:      Sacred Chants of the heART
8/25/14     Sacred Songs of the Heart New Moon Concert @ Temple of Intention Mt Shasta, CA with Special Guests
8/23/14     Pranafest, Ashland Oregon
7/18/14     Tribal Crossroads: Healthy Lifestyle mystic music & arts gathering, Ashland, OR
7/15/14     Peace Village Festival Ashland OR
7/1/14       Orr Hot Springs Resort
6/25/14    Orr Hot Springs Resort: Soak* Concert
6/21/14    Summer Solstice - Celebration, Pot-Luck and Fundraiser at Spirit House Center For Attitudinal Healing
6/20/14    Stanford Inn Eco Resort Mendocino, CA, Soulstice.
6/15/14    Father's Day: Center For Spiritual Living Mendocino, CA
5/9/14      Prayformed @ Kim Stanwood Terranova's Retreat in Sedona AZ, Angel Valley Retreat Center
5/10/14    Opened for The Kirtanyas @ Seven Centers Yoga Arts studio
4/20/14    Prayformed @ Caspar Community Center Benefit Concert with Other musicians including Diane Patterson, & Clan DykenMendocino, CA
4/19/14    Stanford Inn Eco Resort Mendocino, CA 2014
2/14/14    Opened for Mirabai Devi @ Temple of Peace Maui & Prayformed @ Mirabai Devi's Valentine's Retreat Gathering
2/6/14      Opened forKevin James, Maui, HI, Temple Of Peace 2014
2/3/14       Lumeria Maui Feb 2014 Maui, HI
1/30/14     Maui Mystic Island Festival featuring Special Guest Artists Alex @ Allison Gray Jan 2014
12/20/13   Opened for WAH & Daniel Paul at Makawao Union Church, Maui, HI Winter Soulstice
12/21/13   Maui Rebirth Festival at Maui Sacred Earth Temple Event with Fantuzzi & more
12/12/12    Opened for Ma Muse Paia: Maui, HI, Mandala's
10/25/13    @ Elixart in Grass Valley, CA 2013
9/19/13       PranafestAshland Oregon, Jackson Wellsprings
8/30/13      Prayformed @ The Sunflower Center Petaluma, CA
7/28/13      Center for Spiritual Living Sunday Service, Mendocino Community Center, Mendocino, California
7/27/13     Roots on Kasten Street, Mendocino, California
7/26/13     Mendocino Coast official CD Release concert: Company Store, Fort Bragg, California
7/25/13     Mystic In The Trees, Selma, Oregon
7/24/13     Shasta Yoga Center, Mount Shasta, California
7/20/13     Heartwood Institute, Garberville, California
5/5/13       The Woodland's Yoga Studio, Spring Texas
4/22/13     Austin Texas Center for Spiritual Living
4/20/13     @ Yoga Space @ Pilates Woodland's Texas


11/11/11Acoustic performance for the Goddess Festival of Mendocino, CA
7/17/11    Ecstatic Kirtan & World Music concert With Diane Patterson, Ena Vie, Chidanand, Prem & Yehoshua, Mendocino, CA
5/8/11      Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, CA
5/7/11      Earth Day 2011: Celebrate Your Mother! at The Learning Garden in Fort Bragg, CA
5/6/11      Opened for Prabu Nam Kaur, Snatam Kaur's Mother at the Mendocino Recreation Center in Mendocino, CA
5/5/11      Opened for The Human Revolution at Mendocino Coast Environmental Center in Mendocino,
3/23/11    Opening Music/Sound Healing for Japan at Mendocino Coast Environmental Center in Mendocino, CA
3/15/09    Community Roots gathering featuring all female performers in celebration of Women's History Month at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA
3/2/11      Opened for Surreina Sandra Gallegos's yoga class at YogaWorks in Westlake, CA
7/12/07    Opened for Ishka Lha's art show at Frankie's in Mendocino, CA


More Venues I’ve Performed:
Bhakti Fest 2013: Earth We Stage
Cafe Gratitude, Los Angeles CA
Cafe Gratitude, Berkeley, CA
ChocolaTree Organic Oasis, Sedona, Arizona
Harbin Hotsprings, Middleton, CA:
Goddess Crafts Faire, Sebastopol, CA:
Golden Lotus, Kauai, HI:
Hawaiian Sanctuary, Big Island, HI:
Temple of Peace, Maui, HI:
Maui Yoga Shala, Maui, HI:
Mandalas Ethnic Arts, Maui, HI
Amritapuri Kerala, India:
The Caspar Inn:
The Caspar Community Center:
The Headlands Coffeehouse:
The Mendocino Art Center:
The Mendocino Farmers Market:
Willits Farmers Market:
Mendocino Community Center:
The Stanford Inn: Sang at Dr. Siri Gian Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.'s yoga teachers training:
Café Gratitude, Healdsburg, California:
Coco's, Center Of Conscious Oneness in Kapoho, Big Island Hawaii
Buddha Belly Kitchen, Mount Shasta, California


“Prema herself is truly an angel on Earth, and her music a gift from the Divine. I invited Prema to play for one of my yoga classes, where she brilliantly wove her music in and out as I instructed. It was in this setting that I saw her true gift shine through. She intuitively knew when to come in with song and when to hold musical space. But what I was most impressed with was the way she improvised lyrics that enhanced my class theme and followed the unfolding of that theme. Her presence and participation opened hearts and delivered a deeply healing experience for all involved, including myself as the teacher. Even months later, I still hear feedback and praise for Prema: students were profoundly touched by her soulful music, but most of all, everyone remembers the healing power of her angelic voice.”
— Surreina Sandra Gallegos Certified Yoga Teacher and Hypnotherapist